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Kristie is a woman after God's heart. I have been blessed to sit under a few of her Bible studies, and the presence of Jesus' love through the teachings is healing and faith building. God has given her the grace to reach out and God changed my life through the Song of Solomon study that brought the knowledge of the Bride of Christ and His love, to set me free to love Him and others.
Jackie • Duluth, MN
These are the qualities I experience and value in Kristie: Genuine interest in others, dependability, accountability, responsibility, confidentiality, trust, mutual respect, integrity, teachability, humility, and open-heartedness. Kristie is a kind and empathic listener, and she knows how to use her God-given wisdom to be genuinely authentic in relationships. Instead of choosing just “Minnesota Nice”, Kristie offers others the gift of compassionate honesty. This kind of communication has brought healing, trust, and encouragement to me in our friendship.
Ann Harrington • MA, Training and Consulting
Kristie has shared her Bible Studies with me. The most profound study for me is the Song of Songs. When Kristie taught this study, Gods Love poured over me like liquid love. I will never be the same. It opened a portal. Heaven became more real as God revealed His love through these scriptures. Kristie brought me to a whole new dimension and understanding of my Gods love for me and for all of you.
Barb • Superior, WI
Kristie's Bible studies have been a "lifeline" for me these past several years. She presents in a manner that has depth but is easily understood even by "babes" in the faith. Her studies reveal God's truth & love-personified in the life & example she lives!
Judie • Duluth, MN
I am homebound and wanted to be in the Word. Kristie offered her Bible studies. They have strengthened and encouraged me! I recommend her studies to those who want to delve into the Word and be drawn closer to the Living Word, Jesus.
Ron • Carlton, MN
Kristie has offered me wellness consultation. She is an empathetic listener. She listens attentively and compassionately and then imparts wisdom and Biblical guidance. She honors confidentiality. I always feel safe, accepted, uplifted and encouraged.
Sarah • Mankato, MN
ITS ALWAYS THE SEASON FOR GIVING THIS GIFT Friend, the Lord has forgiven you and asks that you forgive the ones who hurt you.  (Colossians 3:13)  Consider general truths about forgiveness and then practical steps to offer the gift of forgiveness.  Truths about forgiveness:-We choose to forgive because He has first forgiven us. (Ephesians 4:3... Continue Reading See All Posts