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Kristie and I met professionally and later became friends. Kristie is a compassionate woman who listens attentively, offers wise counsel, and is dependable. She values mutuality and confidentiality. Kristie lives her life uprightly before the Lord and others.
Ann • Compassion and Integrity • Duluth MN
I am an elderly man. A decade ago I was very ill. Kristie was asked to pray for me and chose to come with her husband and pray for me in person. My health dramatically improved. Kristie has compassionately and willingly helped me in many ways, including offering me her Bible studies at no cost. Being homebound, this has been a wonderful support and encouragement. Her studies are filled with Scriptures and application. I recommend her studies.
Ron • Compassionate and giving • Carlton MN
Kristie and I met at a conference. She compassionately encouraged me at that time, and we became friends. In her presence or over the phone, I feel safe, heard, valued, and encouraged. Her love for the Lord shines through all she says and does.
Sarah • Compassionate and confidential • Mankato
Kristie and I met a church. I attended and grew spiritually in her bible studies. Each study is filled with Scriptures. I have purchased studies and given them to others to uplift them. Kristie's genuine love for the Lord and others is evident in her ministry and teaching. Be blessed with the website.
Jackie • Helpful studies
I met Kristie at a church and attended a Bible study that she taught. Kristie taught with compassion. She valued and supported each person, welcoming their comments. I grew under Kristie's teaching. I come online weekly excited to read the next blog. I am encouraged with each one.
Sioux • Supportive and Encouraging • Duluth MN
I attended various Bible studies taught by Kristie. She taught with kind compassion. She brought a simplicity to the Word, yet drew out profound truths that drew me closer to the Lord. Her teaching is a blessing for those who want to grow in the Lord.
Judie • Simple yet profound teaching • Duluth MN
LIVE FULLY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE I used to scurry through my days, scheduling each one with little room for adjustment or interruption.  I even prayed fast, not pausing so God could speak back to me.  God was nudging me to slow down and live fully present in each moment of the day.  A friend encouraged me to read a book called 1000... Continue Reading See All Posts